I see Tuesday.

It's not too often that I show my mug (aka face) on my blog--I really like to focus more on shoe subjects of the day, as you can tell! But my brand new nerd-inspired eyeglasses are making me pretty stinkin' happy, I'm sorta glad I took the plunge to browse in the men's section at my eye doc this time around!

...and seems like I've joined the ranks of other geek-chic kids, like Olivia Palermo (formerly of MTV's The City):

Cute, cute.

Even Avril & Anne have gone geek!

Nerd love = cannnnnn ya dig it?!

holly in heels
(and in specs!)


  1. I love this look!
    xo Josie

  2. I love these geek glasses. I definitely need a pair

  3. Who said being smart wasn't sexy? I love the look, I sometimes wear fake glasses : ) Shhhhhhh don't tell ; )


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