Times are a changin'

Isn't it funny how things change over time? I guess this new year of 2011 already has me thinkin' about time, and change, and seasons (maybe the rainy weather outside is doin' that to me too!). Well, times must be a-changin' because the two things at the TOP of my wishlist this January are two things I woulda never suspected to be amongst my favorites at this time last year! Wonderin' what those two things are? Welp, here ya go...

Number 1: slingbacks.
Yes yes, I'll be the first to admit that I sorta thought most slingbacks were a thing of the past--like Milli Vanilli or Reebok Hi-Tops (yep, they STILL sell those!). But these Sam Edelman 'Ionia' slingbacks have thoroughly changed my mind! These classics are styled and shaped such that they will never be a thing of the past. With a shorty 1" heel, and a sweet lil' buckle, these stunning shoes are sure show-stoppers, finished off with Sam's signature gold emblem (cute cute!).

And, number 2: an address stamp.
Ok, so it wasn't until I got married (almost 2 years ago now) that I realized I was in dire need of an address stamp. You would not believe all of the Christmas cards we send out to family & friends, the thank-u notes, the thinking-of-you letters, etc. etc. Our social circle has literally doubled in size! And since the hand-written letter is certainly not dead, despite the convenience of e-mail, a dainty little return address stamp is a must! I'm lovin' this Etsy shop I discovered called the Rubber Stamp Press. They have tons & tons o' darling stamps like this one (which I adore!):

Times ARE a changin' right? And I kinda like it! So again, happy 2011!

holly in heels

P.S. hope you all are liking the NEW LOOK of my blog, which I just launched last week! Click around & comment away!


  1. I love the new look!! I also adore sling backs and need one of those awesome address stamps!

  2. Love the layout and those slingbacks! So chic! I used to wear some red slingbacks a while back but I always got the worst cuts on my ankles. Why don't they make some soft ones?

  3. I love address stamps! I think they're absolutely darling.
    xo Josie

  4. Love those shoes. I agree an address stamp is such a great idea. Funny what getting married does to you

  5. haha i feel the same way - everytime i look at some piece of clothing that i (now) love i can hear myself back in high school looking at the exact same thing and thinking how ugly it was. ha.


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