Day 12.

Hello fashion friends!
As many of you already are aware, I'm well underway on my six items or less challenge, where I'm only to wear 6 items out of my ENTIRE wardrobe for 30 days (my saving grace = shoes and accessories do not count). Today marks DAY 12, and I ain't gunna lie: it's hard as heck. I've worn SO many necklaces, earrings, scarves, bangles, and belts outta my collection - some I even forgot I own! And my once-adored black & white striped billowy top is now one of my worst enemies, as I'm stuck throwin' it on for every time we go out to dinner or to a fun party (insert sad face here). On the other hand, my mustard yellow long cardi is a splash of color I usually look forward to putting on (actually wearing it today!). And thank goodness for my extra-large collection of shoes, in all heights, colors and textures. I think my adoration for shoozies has grown (if that were ever possible). All in all, I am learnin' a lot, but still excited that I'm nearly halfway done with my 30-day sentence!

I do have some more exciting news: on Monday I'll be announcing a fabulous HIGH HEEL GIVEAWAY! Yep, the chic shoe company sponsoring this giveaway is yet to be revealed, but I know you'll all be stoked! Make sure your lil' typing fingers log onto on Monday to find out more & enter to win win win!

That is all from high-heel homebase. Happy Friday, ladies.

holly in heels


  1. So cool about your giveaway! Can't wait!

  2. omgosh. I'm doing 30x30 again, I got sucked into it. Everyone keeps asking my why I'm torturing myself again haha. Starts 2/1, and I bought a new camera, so FINALLY some legit photos!


    Undeniable Style


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