Gimme Some Height!

For a short gal, nothin' gets by me! I'm constantly on the lookout for fabulous heels, wedges & pumps that are generous in height and chintzy in cost! So my eyes were wide, wide open when I found these four pretty finds online today. I hope that the more leg-gifted gals reading this won't feel too left out (or that they'll embrace the Heidi Klum inside 'em and sport some 4-inchers!). It's time for the rest of us to test the air up there!
. . .

Fresh off the design boat, I've found these brand spankin' new Jessica Simpson 'Cawder' wedges. Isn't that Dark Chocolate leather color to-die?! Careful, that ropey wedge is 5-inches in heel, but these are perfect vacation shoes for your sunny summer days. Lucky you--FREE SHIPPING at Zappos.com on these too! Score.
For the less brave when it comes to heels, Hive and Honey 'Pelka' shows off this perfect stacked heel--a Piperlime.com exclusive! Three cute colors to choose from, I'm mostly feelin' the cool, muted 'Cement' shade (although I like the gold too!). This leather, ruffly t-strap makes for a perfect step into spring & summer, where a party girl's sure to need go-to daytime shoes for all those fun outdoor events!
Maybe it's my downfall, but I totally & utterly admire a girl who can splurge every now and again. This would fall under that category, m'friends, but I'd be lying if I said it wouldn't be worth it! The L.A.M.B. 'Veena' heels will take you straight to heaven when you slip them on, guaranteed! Another 4" covered heel gets you there, and the sweet flower detail at the toe puts the sugar on top!
Rounding out the end of this high-heel-lovin' are the uniquely daring Nanette Lepore 'Secret Love' heels--an extreme bestseller. The criss-cross ankle strap has me wondering if these are really practical to wear (even for MY standards), but it's tough to call since there are no online reviews quite yet. Hmmm, maybe it's a good idea for me to hit that cute little 'add to bag' button and find out as a favor to us all?! Ha, my rationale! At any rate, these neutral peep-toes have tons of good detail that's sure to catch an eye.

Happy shopping, gals! Remember: be brave and get some height!

holly in heels


Rebel Ravens

There's honestly something magical about Urban Outfitters to me. I seem to get lost in that place every time I step foot in it! Not only do I manage to watch my 60-minute lunch break fly by like the wind, but I can also easily find vintage-y, unique tops & skirts, funky jewelry, amazing shoes aaaand funny prank gifts all in one spot! Seems no matter what city I find an 'Urban' in or if I'm shopping at the online store, I'm able to find gobs of pretty pretty things for my ever-growing wish list.

Among these items I found today were the strappy & rebellious Miss Sixty Raven Platforms (discounted by $80!). Of course, the Miss Sixty brand is known for their daring designs and risky footwear, but these are well within my range o' risk! That charmingly chunky, semi-wedge wooden heel makes these kicks extremely versatile and wearable with white skinny jeans or a pencil skirt & wispy top. Just lace these leather lovelies up, and you're ready-set-go-ing to be geared up for fashion adventure.

holly in heels


An Endless Sale

Sunny day newsflash, my shoe-sportin' friends: Endless.com is having a fabulouso sale TODAY ONLY on all Miz Mooz shooz. Check it out here first! This is the perfect pretty way to kick off your spring 2010 with style & flair.

I, personally, am excited about the fabulously stylish and versatile Miz Mooz Sandi Spring Boot in particular. This short, scrunchy boot is chocked full of detail and an antique feeling that's certain to make any outfit of yours interesting!

I must admit that I'm especially jumping up and down, though, because these sale boots are dashingly similar to the Sam Edelman 'Portia' boot I've been eying all month! Ever since it was featured on some major fashion sites, I've had my own sights on these yum yums.
C'mon, take a step into my fashionista brain real quick...humor me. Here's my full package vision for these good spring, weathered boots:
Wanna hit that "add to bag" button yet? I DO! You deserve a Friday treat...especially with this good sale on Endless.com and the weekend around the corner. Whether it's the boots I've featured or the dozens of other cute Miz Mooz'ers, you're sure to find yourself feeling 100% ready to step out!

holly in heels


Out on the Town

Soooo, I got a ton of great feedback on my recent post: The Nighttime Wedge! All of those classically funky dark-hued wedges really spoke volumes to the social butterfly readers I have (so proud of you, fun peeps!). I really owe it all to sassy Rachel Zoe who was my true evening inspiration. Also, after my recent visit to the famous city of Las Vegas, I've had statement "out on the town" heels on my brain. It could be the bright Vegas lights still spinning in my head, or just the simple fact that Nordstrom just has SO many fun, chic choices right now. Either way, Holly in Heels is here to show you the best heels to strap on those feetsies for a night out with the girls or that special dinner date with your handsome beau.
. . .

First up on this short list, I'm feelin' like these might be my spring/summer wedding go-er sandals--perfect for any elegant occasion! I quickly spotted the MAXSTUDIO Beaded Satin Sandal on Nordstrom.com. This shiny t-strap satin sandal has all of the right accents in all of the right places. Peeptoes like this one are so flattering on any leg-shape, and the heel height is just right if you're scared of the stiletto.
Spreading the sparkle across the town is this gorgeous Seychelles 'Card Shark' Sandal! THIS shoulda been my key heel in Vegas, darnit! A thick, supportive 4" heel gives you a solid boost in the right direction, while the metallic & leather straps catch the eyes of many who pass you by! I'm lovin' the Vachetta (nude) shade these sport and the zipper back is so hot right now.
More funky and eye-catching detail is a shoe-in with these Latitude Femme Bow Trim Sandals. A comfy elastic & suede ankle strap boasts a modestly girly bow that you can show off with a simple pencil skirt or kick it up a notch with the very "now" stretch miniskirt.

For that biker-chick inside of ya that just never found the right Harley dude to ride with, you can still live vicariously through these dangerously chic sandals. The Ash 'Nirvana' Sandal is studded with edge and style, while remaining easy to wear day or night.

Now get out there and celebrate life, love and shoes, out on the town!

holly in heels


Don't get pinched.

It's St. Paddy's Day, and clearly that means that it's time for green beer and fried bar food (yay!). Whether you're party is staying in or heading out to paint the town green, I'll bet that you're gonna need some cute kicks to keep those Irish pinchers far far away. My party's about to get started itself, so I'll make this quick...but I just had to share with you some of my clover-colored shoe friends:

Ted Baker boasts this deliciously classic & true green 'Aponi' Open Toe Pump. With bubblegum pink insoles, you're sure to turn heads your way (and maybe get a free green beer outta the deal too!).
If you're tryin' for a little more of a casual look to honor great Saint Patrick, you might take a look at Piperlime.com for the modest 3" Miz Mooz 'Sachi' pump! The antique-y textured green leather is bound to take you thru more colorful days, even after March 17th passes. These would surely pair nicely with cute, white skinny jeans in the summertime or with black capris as you head to another busy work week.
Now now, I'm gonna throw another "in my dreams" heel at ya right now, so I don't want you to be surprised. But I do want you to see the beauty in all shapes, sizes and price-tags! When I came across this dazzling Alexander McQueen peep-toe, I just about forgot the corned beef & cabbage that's in the crock pot, I was so stunned. The price on Zappos.com is about half the regular price but I know, I know, it'd still take a pretty large pot o' gold to get most gals to realistically purchase these babies. The ARE amazing, though--the striking minty green color, rhinestone detail and delicate ankle strap with golden buckle are making me droooool. Mr. McQueen, you were brilliant.
Top o' the evenin' to ya!
holly in heels


The Nighttime Wedge

I don't know about you all, but I'm a huge fan of Rachel Zoe. She's adorably funky and genuinely inspires me with her daring style and pretty red lipstick. Ms. Zoe just released her fabulous Excessorize list: 20 Essential Accessories, and of course the first thing out of those top 20 to catch my eye were the shoes! Rachel says (and I quote),
For the upcoming warmer months, every girl should have a pair of standout wedges. They will comfortably and stylishly take you from the office to out.Genius. This is what we need, girls! Think about it--this Saturday marks the first day of Spring, and what better way to kick off that sunshine than to treat yourself to some standout, nighttime wedges to walk you from cubicle to happy hour, without a hitch. Here you go!

Makin' it's way easily into Rachel Zoe's top 20 Excessorize list is this startlingly studded suede & leather wedge: Pour La Victoire 'Tula'. Wow, so much detail wrapped up in one 4" heel--the toe and side cutouts let in the style, while the gold hardware lets out your wild side! Effortlessly paired well with slouchy capris, wide-leg trousers or a sharp pencil skirt. Wicked, girl!

I know how hard it is to top those Pour La Victoire beauties, but I felt like I owed it to my readers to give you a few "runners up" that fit more within that summer budget. After all, if you've spent all of your moolah on vacations and mai tai's, then you might not have a few hundo to drop on one pair of wedges! I get it, I get it, don't worry, there are plenty of fish in the sea. For example... one of my personal Piperlime.com favs, the Emma Pink 'Pepper' wedge. The numerous side cutouts and center seam detail make this pick uniquely stylish and fun to wear (and look super comfy too).
The dark and vampy Kenneth Cole Reaction 'Carpool Lane' wedge holds a soft leather look (although looks soft suede from afar, huh) bound together by a few studded details and a thin, flattering ankle strap. Definitely nighttime-wedge-worthy...aaand, under 80 bucks!

Next up, I'd like to introduce you to the magificently classic and versatile Nine West 'Entire' wedge. Truly a gladiator-inspired platform wedge, this 3 1/2" cork heel will give you that sexy spring/summer lift you've been waiting for! Can you say "meet me by the pool, margarita in hand?" I can!

Last but certainly not least, the Michael Antonio 'Harris' strappy wedge gives you instant, unpredictable height. Beyond doubt, you are one cute individual in these wedges: with charming buckles that wrap nicely around your ankle, and a dark wood platform that finishes off one spicy-hot nighttime wedge!
Look forward to hearing about your good times in the nighttime (wedge).
holly in heels


Splurge of Spade

Let's all admit it now, just to get it out in the open: all girls need to splurge every now and again. You know it--whether you lost your job or your boyfriend, a little retail therapy never hurt anyone, and sometimes is the quick cure. I got to thinking this (not because I'm having a bad day, thank goodness!) but because I've been browsing Kate Spade shoes, and I feel like the only way I could ever justify a KS purchase is by using my "splurge" excuse! I don't pull it out very often, but once in a while it's very necessary.

Ms. Spade is adorably classic, with her tidy lines and popping color. I think a good rule to hold onto is: you must, at all times, have that "go to" heel that you can throw on with just about anything and look polished! Here are just a few of my favs...

First up, this conservatively funky kellie too pump, which comes in 3 amazing colors--I'd buy all 3 if I were you! It gives off that modern-Audrey Hepburn aura, in a bold bold way.

Kate show's off a multi-colored edge, of crinkly patent with the Tess t-strap sandals. Pungent and versatile, you'll be ready for any event, day or evening!
My last Spadey-pick is this kicky platform espadrille, that's perfectly golden and braided to boot! The Kate Spade 'Candice' boasts rows of detail with those gold braids on the earthy, jute heel. I think you might love-these-long-time.

...just a few splurge-worthy items to wet your whistle and tuck in that back pocket for 'one of those days.'

holly in heels


Pretty Patterns

Well, m'ladies, today I'm here to remind you all that this spring, not only is there love in the air...but there are also buckets of shoes, in pretty patterns, in all styles and shades! Whether paired with a simple solid skirt or some sweet skinny jeans, these sandals are sure to turn heads and keep your wallet full. I undoubtedly feel that a striking, patterned shoe is a must in these upcoming months, and I'm here to calm your shoe-obsessed mind with some pretty ideas of what could be joining the party in your stylish closet (free shipping too!).

At the top of my own wish list this week, I have the Seychelles 'Joan' wedge sandal. These flowery delights are sure to put a smile on anyone's face, and get that brand new pedi noticed too. Sure sure, it's a 4" heel, but the beauty is that it's a wedge--tons of support for an all-day wear.

The cork-heeled Star Ling 'Gigi' sandal has me falling in love with patterned satiny shoes all over again. These high high heels are not for the faint of heart (or faint of ankle!), but I think they're totally worth it. Really, the height is comparable to a 3" heel, which I think most of us can handle, c'mon. The tri-strapped toe detail, cut-out back and the buckled ankle all give it a complete vintage vibe that is tres chic!
Lastly, these Jessica's caught my eye--quite possibly a good shoe for those of us who wanna keep our patterns on the inside ('cause the inside's always what counts, right?). Jessica Simpson's 'Glorie' Espadrille sandal is a bold & beautiful catch, without a doubt. I'm a fan of the white, especially, because my legs look goldeny tan when I'm sportin' the white heels. Aaand that under $70 price is fabulously affordable--like my husband says "you'd be losing money if you didn't buy them!" Ha, where'd I find him, huh?!xoxo,
holly in heels


The Anti-Stiletto Crew

So, I've had a few recent reader requests for low/mid heel shoe features, as to accommodate those blessed with Heidi Klum legs (which I am not included in, I'll have you know). While I'm no runway star (yet), I do know how challenging it can be to scour through the shoe racks & online stores to find the shoe that compliments your height and leg-look best. And to be quite frank, I thought this might be a challenge for me--but I'm either just way too good at this shoe blog OR there are just so many good designers out there with so much fabulous variety that I was able to find a good selection of fun tall-girl picks! Happy to share, once again:

The Italian brand, Butter, offers a huge selection of colorful and comfy gems on Amazon.com--including the 'Cancun' Kitten Heel pump (at a great sale price now!), the 'Popsicle' Peep Toe wedge, as well as their 'Apricot' Peep Toe wedge, shown below. All 3 of these have Spring 2010 color that'll pop and make any outfit memorable.
Endless.com also throws their hat in there with the super pretty 'Maya' Vintage Stud Sling Sandal, by FRYE. I'm just gonna come right out and say it...ALL of the colors this slingback is offered in are gorgeous in different ways, but if you know me, I'm gonna tell you to purchase the yellow! How happy and studly is this shoe?!
Another sweet & shiny low-heel find is the Jessica Simpson 'Heatherr' Wedge. Yes, I said it. Jessica has brought the goods once again with this classic patent loafer look, with added stylishly chunky white stitching on the side.
BONUS: I'm also diggin' the snakeskin shade of the 'Heatherr' Wedge.
Equally cute, but more spring/summery sandals are found in Nicole's 'Amused' sandals. A solid 2" heel, and all of those funky straps, wrapped around your ankle and foot, plus the back-zip closure--whew, such a good heel!
Last, but certainly not least, I just HAD to throw an animal print in here (rawr!). This steal-of-a-deal KensieGirl 'Lisa' pump was difficult to pass up. The leopard fabric on these pretty thangs is so friendly, and non-trashy, I think it's a hard trait to find (I'm still talking about shoes here people). Great price, right at $50, could buy you a statement shoe worth walking in!
Enjoy, my tall sistas!

holly in heels



Let's be honest, there are a million and one cute sandals out this Spring 2010! I'm loving it! It's making me want the clouds to clear and the sun to shine brighter. I think Mr. Kenneth Cole is up to the same thing--there are so many fabulous strappy, high sandals on their site at this very moment, I just had to feature 2 of my favs:

Kenneth Cole New York brings us the must-have 'Dance Mix' sandal (unce unce unce - those are my dance mix sounds)! Now, I know that outrageous silver stiletto might frighten you at first, but I really think the muted grey leather straps downplay that shinyness right off the bat. Plus, that shine makes this heel a daytime or evening shoe! They pair perfectly with classic white pants, skinny jeans or some sassy leggings. Good investment for a sandal you'll have forever...and surely make a statement with in the meantime!

KCNY also shows off a strappy but more au naturale sandalia: 'Leader Chip' (is anyone else asking themselves where the heck do they get these names?!). The Whiskey color is my fav--it's almost like a t-strap sandal gone wild! And the darker piping around the edges gives it just that boost of detail. Pretty pretty stacked heel too!

holly in heels


SPECIAL FEATURE: shoe giveaway!

I'm a complete and utter fan of this great site, The Shoe Dish, and thought I'd give my friends over there a little shout-out to promote their cute shoe giveaway contest! It's fun, and bound to bring out that creative bug in you.

You basically design your own shoes using Atelier Shoes' Online Design Studio and submit your entry to The Shoe Dish--it's that simple! Check it out: Design Your Pedestal contest

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Sale spotting

There is a seriously sweet shoe clearance going on right now, as we speak, at Nordstrom.com. I think you owe it to yourself (and your ever-growing shoe closet) to check it out. And if you don't have time to comb all 500 of the shoes found on there, you can always turn to your trusty shoe guide, in yours truly. Check out these gorgeous finds, of various styles & shades, at some dangerously low prices.
. . .

Lucky Brand gives us this organically good 'Rory' slingback that has a great stitched platform, bound to add style to any casual outfit. Paired with some dark skinny jeans you'll show off that hippie-chic you've been dying to bust out.

There's something about these Calvin Klein 'Dana' slingbacks that grabbed my eye--probably those striking stripes that cover the top of this more polished, yet still funky slingback. They come in different colors online, but I'm voting for the Cream/Brown snakeskin--which can pass as a fall/winter or spring/summer pump.
Just under $60 I found these gorgeously sexy Steve Madden 'Tribbe' pumps in pretty purple suede. What a fun lace-up detail that adorns the front of this oxford, with a short side zipper to keep these babies on your feet. The 4" heel height with a 1/2" platform is just the right height for a show-stoppingly unique shoe!

These last kicks caught my attention right away and I frankly had to do a double take to decide whether or not I really was digging them. But I dig! The Jessica Bennett 'Larken' pump is satiny and ruffly in all of the right places. It's a good evening or dressy work pump that is truly distinctive and stunning! The silver satin shade is nice and versatile, but I think all 4 colors offered online are winners. Think about it!

Happy sale shopping, my friends!

holly in heels