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Hey guys! It's been a while. While the world has been spinning madly on, I've been taking a little time off from blogging to work on my freelance writing career. It has been a blast. Sure, the shoe shopping has continued--but so have a few wonderful new projects and ventures.

One of my latest projects has been particularly inspiring, and I wanted to make sure all of my faithful, fashionable and wonderful readers knew about it. Because it's pretty much the bomb. The project is Dinner with Friends magazine. Dinner with Friends is all about featuring local people and places. It is a design-focused, online lifestyle magazine celebrating California's Central Valley (also my native land), one dinner party at a time. The work featured in this super special online mag will come from local writers, photographers, stylists, artists, graphic designers, and more. This month, I was proud to have written the feature piece about the magazine's first official dinner party. 'Dreamers who dine' was the theme of the eve, and in covering the dinner party I was able to meet an outstanding group of entrepreneurs, photographers, bloggers, and other "dreamers" who turned their dreams into careers. It was inspiring.

I have to say, through my latest cool projects and other writing adventures, this blog has stayed in the back of my mind the entire time. This blog is like my first friend, where I flexed my writing muscles and learned the basics of what people like to read.

So this month, as holiday fashion picks up and I feel particularly inspired to get in touch with my "first love" again, I am happy to report that you'll be hearing/reading more of miss Holly in Heels on the blogosphere. I can't wait to pick up where we left off and talk shoes, fashion, and everyday style antics.

Thanks for sticking with me, party people. Check out Dinner with Friends magazine online and on Instagram, and check back here for more updates on the regular.

Love to you all.

holly in heels


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