5 Creative Ways to Store and Display your Fabulous Shoes.

Before we begin...I need to ask for your forgiveness. I haven't blogged since May. Ahhhh! Shame on me, I know. But before you grab your voodoo doll and punish me for the lack of shoe inspiration I've been sending your way, please be proud of my for massively growing my freelance writing business, tackling some public relations work, and stepping up my Instagram pop-up shop. It's been fun, but the blog has been lacking.

Luckily, I got guest blogger, Kelsey, to help me out this week with a fun story about how to creatively store and display your shoes (and keep you looking stylish, too!). Read on.
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Shoes can pose a serious storage problem, even in spacious closets. The average American owns 19 pairs of shoes, while most shoe lovers are guilty of hoarding many more than that. This can too easily cause clutter and set us back 5 or 10 minutes during our morning routines. If you need shoe organization ideas to get a wrangle on your repertoire, Modernize has several helpful suggestions for organizing your shoes and keeping things looking polished.

Shameless Shoe Display. 
Via Modernize 
Via Modernize 

If you have plenty of shoes and some space to boot, don’t be ashamed to display your entire collection. Shelving your shoes helps keep even your most-worn pairs in good shape. They will also be easy to find when you’re trying to throw an outfit together last minute—though, depending on the size of your selection, you may need a step stool.

Being Transparent.
Via Modernize 

Shoes are one of the hardest accessories to store efficiently. Their unique shapes make them hard to stack and store without a box, but the boxes hide them from view, making a selection difficult. Solve this dilemma with clear plastic boxes that allow you to see which pair is which. Store them at eye level of below for optimum convenience. Place unseasonal or special occasion pairs on the bottom.

Clean and Sleek.
Via Modernize 

Sometimes the best storage solution is the no-nonsense option. If you’re not the type to stick your favorite heels on a shelf just to show off your style, buy storage boxes for out of season shoes and a chest of small drawers for in-season pairs.

Minimalist Ă  la Mode.
Via Modernize 

Via Modernize 

Not everyone wants to bare their whole shoe collection to the world. Choose several of your favorite pairs of snazzy shoes and show them off with selective open shelving. Color coordinate them with the pops of color in your room or closet. Give each one space on the shelf to make a statement. These are a perfect way to decorate a staging area, fill up empty shelf space, or show off your love of fashion.

Shoe Hideout.
Via Modernize 

Clothes are so easy to organize and tuck out of sight—shoes, not so much. If you’re a type A person who doesn’t love a busy room or dazzling shoe display, there are still creative options for storing your best shoes. If your closet space is limited and you’re in need of an alternative, look for shoe cabinets that hide your collection.
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Love these ideas from our friends at Modernize! It's time for me to get to organizing!!
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  2. God bless your indelible soul, lil one.

  3. God bless your indelible soul, lil one.


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