Moving on.

Well folks, I've done it. As of last week my family of 3 and I picked up and moved to a whole new city, a whole new part of California. Aside from going from apartment to apartment, post-college, I haven't really done a big move. See, the house we said goodbye to was the home of A LOT of things: where my husband proposed to me, where we came home as Mr. & Mrs., where we had endless parties and family dinners (including an epic 30th birthday, where the living room was cleared out to make room for a live band!), and where we brought our newborn babe home. Not to mention, it was also the home of my shoe closet! Sigh! It's a big change, and today has honestly got me feeling a bit homesick, so I decided to think about that AMAZING things that my new city has to offer...

One of those things is boot weather! For the first time in a long time, I'll be able to dwell in my yummy leather boots for longer than a week! Hoooooray! This fall, there are so many adorable short boots and riding boots out there - I'm trying to contain myself from shopping overload!

Nordies, of course, is well-stocked with a few favorite women's boot trends: including moto boots, over-the-knee boots, and short stacked heel boots. OMG, adorbs.

First off, can we just talk about how adorably daring the moto boot + skirt combo is?! I am in love. Tossed on with some ultra-sheer black tights...I am soooo ready for the fall! 

Confession: usually I don't go for black boots. I dunno, I feel like I'm always bordering on trashy or harsh when I end up with a black boot, but this season, I'm throwing caution to the wind (I mean I'm in a new city for crying out loud, who cares?!). With the right style, and a few more pennies, black leather boots are work-work-workin' it this fall and winter season.

My favorite: Michael Kors studded moto boot - so NYC, so in my closet!

Well shoe lovers, thanks for listening to my Tuesday woes...and also for helping me look forward to a little cool weather boot-wearing!

holly in heels


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