A little quirk + whimsy for your accessories!

There are tons of accessories that are currently filling my cups, bowls and dishes that line the vanity table in the corner of my bedroom (just ask the guy who sleeps next to me!). In addition to my mild obsession with shoes, I do have a semi-amazing obsession with accessories, too. With a big collection of oversized colorful earrings, metallic watches - big and small, shiny bangles and bib necklaces, there's a lot of real estate in my closet filled with these pretty things!

But my latest accessory find was dreamed up by an Austin, Texas designer, Amanda Dimova. Dimova started her style around 2006, making bold statement pieces from leather and crystals, even acrylic and wood baubles. From a one-woman operation, her brand, Vinca, is now sold worldwide - from Amsterdam to Korea - loved by customers who appreciate the brand's sheer cuteness + quirkiness! Yep, you'll notice unicorns, french sayings, and even sriracha bottles in this collection - bound and ready to grab your stylish attention.

All of the Vinca wooden and acrylic pieces are made from original drawings by designer Amanda Dimova herself, and then cut and assembled by her team in a "micro-manufacturing" type style. With most of the raw materials sourced right here from the good ol' U.S. of A., there's an unmatched quality that I notice myself in the cute wooden-diamond studs that I've been sportin'.

Check out the full line of Vinca jewelry online now, also available at your nearest Kitson, Nordstrom and fab.com and browse a few of my personal quirky faves of this season:

Enjoy the addition to your own accessory collection with Vinca jewels, and make sure to LIKE Vinca on Facebook for all of the latest whimsy goods!

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