The Fashion Sneaker: one shoe you need now.

Essential to every girl's closet is a good pair of sneakers. I know, it may seem odd coming from a girl who has "heels" as part of her nickname, but I'm assuming you all have a solid pair of heels and are just in need of a few alternatives. When it's one of those rainy, cloudy, jeans n' tee sorta days, then I will be the first to admit that I don't want to throw on my suede heels or my platform wedges. Oh no no, I want to slip into something a little more comfy and friendly - but not skip the style.

That's where the fashion sneaker comes in: the one shoe you need now (if you don't have it already!). Vans, Steve Madden and Vince are just a few brands that have carefully mastered this fashion, too. With some fantastic slip-ons, and great textures like pony hair, textile and metallics, you're sure to find the perfect fashion sneaker that fits your sass and style.

Here's a peek at my top 3:

For a fab list of some of the best fashion sneakers around, check out's section of this hot trend (and use promo code TREAT for 20% off, through 2/11!).

holly in heels
(but today, in fashion sneakers)


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