OMG. Anthropologie.

OMG. Why is Anthropologie always so stinkin' cute?! Every time I take my stylish little steps into that store, I walk out feeling soooo inspired by the outfits I see, the shoes on the shelves, and even the warm, home-y smells of carefully lit candles. And since I'm on a boot kick this month (cold weather will do that to a gal), I of course had to check out the boots at Anthro.

They currently have a delicious selection of boots - leather, suede, and short, tall - but the one that stuck out to me amidst the sea of style were these 'Botanical Booties' by Sheridan MIA. Anthropologie boots are outstanding - I have never been bummed when I've purchased a pair myself. And these, I am certain, are no different. These botanical beaut's have some great texture in their design - almost like a real piece of artwork on your toesies. Adorned with a side zip, rubber sole, and a nice stacked 2" heel, the leather knots and detail are a perfect match for a simple jeans + sweater look.


LOVE, right?! So what makes you go 'OMG'?

holly in heels


  1. Such a nice boots ! Would you like to follow each other dear :) xx


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