GIVEAWAY TIME!: the hautest online club yet.

I'm big into monthly memberships these days--from Birchbox to LacquerousRent the Runway and my husband's new obsession with Dollar Shave Club--when there's a cute product or service out there that helps boost my fashion sense, I have to check it out! Plus, it's just too fun to get packages delivered to my doorstep each month, and I don't have to do any of the shopping or choosing! My latest find is HauteLegs--a monthly service that sends women 2-3 pairs of tights leggings, hosiery or socks every month. Customers sign-on, fill out a style profile and then voila!...receive beautiful, unique legwear. I tried the service out for 3-months and LOVED getting a new delivery each month!:

hard to see here, but adorable leopard pattern.

grey opaque, a classic!
 ankle tights, for the daring only!

I asked Monica, from the HauteLegs Headquarters, a few questions about the company:
HinH: Tell us a bit about HauteLegs and how you got started.
HL: Our service is ideal for everyone from businesswomen in need of good quality neutral legwear to the full-on fashionista's looking to inspire and be inspired. HauteLegs subscribers receive new styles FIRST and afterwards selected styles are available in our online boutique.

The first and foremost reason I created HauteLegs is to provide as many people as possible with a simple and affordable way to revolutionize their wardrobe. I work with many clients who seem to fall into a style rut--HauteLegs is the easiest solution to this problem. Our style profile helps us get to know our customers so when we send our products they fit in with their existing looks while adding a new and exciting twist.  

Secondly, HauteLegs was born out of frustration--far too often I've planned on outfit around an exquisite pair of tights only to have them snag while pulling them up--I even went through a phase where I was buying duplicates of styles I loved and carried an extra pair in my purse.  With HauteLegs you never need to worry about a snag or run again because you'll always have a stylish new pair on it's way.

HinH: If you could give us ONE fashion tip, what would it be?
HL: Oh this is a great question! Use tights to change the attitude of your outfit--take your little black dress and pair it with opaque tights and a delicate necklace for a conservative, daytime look and then glam it up for date-night with sexy lace tights and a bold necklace.  No time to run home before your date--no problem, just toss some tights and a necklace in your purse and switch it up when you're off the clock! Fun legwear is such a simple way to change up your wardrobe--that's why we can't get enough! 

HinH: What is the HauteLegs fashion philosophy? 
HL: At HauteLegs we believe that small changes in your wardrobe can make a BIG difference in the way you look and feel. Beautiful legwear is a simple change that can make big statement--stay gorgeous and up-to-date and never worry about snags or runs again! 


Get a FREE MONTH of HauteLegs delivered straight to your stylish door if you enter, enter, enter! Here's how...

Head over to their site, pick your favorite item, and leave a comment below saying what it is (and an e-mail address for me to contact you with). Contest ends on May 15 at midnight PST, I'll announce the winner the following day on my blog! Eek!

For additional entries, INCREASING your chances to win!:
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  1. E-mail:

    My favorite item is the Florence Tights! I love polka-dot tights.

  2. I love the CHICAGO tights.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  3. I FOLLOW HauteLegs on Pinterest (
    holliister at gmail dot com

  4. I FOLLOW HauteLegs on Instagram (collifornia)
    holliister at gmail dot com

  5. My favourite are the Sofia- I couldn't even believe they were tights at first, I assumed they were hold ups.

  6. BIG congrats to Colleen Boudreau! She's the winner of a FREE MONTH of HauteLegs, delivered straight to your door! Colleen: I've emailed you, please keep an eye out & thanks for playing!
    Holly in Heels


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