Fit in Clouds: comfy as can be!

Although I have a huge love for heels, there are days when these veteran-heel-wearing feet get a bit tired and weary, I will admit, and my feet long for a break from the heights of heels! So when I came across these portable ballet flats from a company by the name of Fit in Clouds I swear I could hear my toes-ies cheer with joy! 

You may have heard of flats like this before, but just in case you need a refresher course, Fit in Clouds fold right up and fit into an adorable matching pouch that's purse-ready for a girl on the go. Just what the podiatrist ordered for work and formal events, weddings, late nights out on the town with the girls (think Vegas, ladies!), and especially long travel times in your life. The split sole on these little thangs allows the shoes to fold along the cut, and provide more support while they're on your feet! You can wear these flats outside, inside, or wherever your adventurous life on the go takes you! Heck, these puppies are so reliable and stylish, Selena Gomez has Fit in Clouds in her "must have items for a night out"!

Choose from the dozens of styles and colors online now--from retro style, to an espadrille spin, to adorable patents and metallics. 
So hop your tired feet on over to and check out their selection of adorably comfy foldable flats, or LIKE the Fit in Clouds Facebook page and stay connected to all the news! Don't forget, heel lovers, take good care of those feet...if nothing else than so you can have many years of high-heel wearing in your future!

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