Pinching pennies.

I've been trying to be super good lately about my shopping habits. I know, you're probably wondering if I'm running a fever, or am in some sort of hallucinogenic'd state of mind (believe me, I can't help but stop and wonder occasionally myself these days!). But after looking at our household budget in this season of our lives, I felt like I should cool it on the weekly trips to the mall, and stop shamefully hiding shopping bags and silencing tag pulls from my husband. Eek!

One guilt-free loophole to the pinching pennies state of mind is, of course, going the discount route. Instead of shopping the serene aisles of Nordstrom (where I always manage to get sucked into some fabulous heels), try hitting up Forever 21, for some adorable, on-trend kicks, at 1/4 the price...

D'Orsay Ankle Strap Pumps are soooo spicy, and 27 bucks! To. Die. For.:
I dig the edgy look of these Button Strap Booties, designer style at a oh-so right price:

F21's Satin Heart Pumps can steal any shoe-lover's heart:

So what's your solution to shopping when you're pinching pennies?

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  1. That first pair is calling to me! I've been pinching pennies by scoring some really cute things at Target lately!


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