Torn on a wedge.

As I browse the shoe sites and blogs in my daily routine this week, I continue to come across a trend that I'm just still undecided on: wedge sneakers. You know the kind--a high heel version of a sporty sneaker, with absolutely no athletic use at all. A heel that sheepishly hides behind a Nike swoosh or a pair of Velcro straps, but nonetheless, is worn by dozens of stylish celebs!

Wedge sneaks originally were in style in the great decade of the 90's--you know, when Alanis was all the rage and 90210 was your favorite prime time show! These high-heeled high tops could be spotted in clubs and raves, and later on the sweet feet of British pop band, the Spice Girls (before Posh Spice married Beckham!).

But in late 2012 and now 2013, wedge sneakers of the season range anywhere from metallic materials in silver and gold, to colorful suedes, and even throwback mesh materials. Brands like Steve Madden, MICHAEL by Michael Kors, and Ash have jumped on board with their styles, as seen here on, and even Target has their bargain-priced wedge sneaker at a decent price tag!

Even though this fashionable invention of a high heel is making a comeback in several spots, I'm just not 100% sold on the style. Maybe I could pull it off with a great light washed denim like Rashida Jones, or just with the perfect pair of leather leggings like Beyonce...? I'm officially torn on a wedge!

Do tell: what's your view of the wedge sneaker trend?

holly in heels


  1. Hey, I just found your blog! Okay, here's my opinion. The more stream-lined ones are "ok" but not very sexy. The bulky, chunky ones are like souped-up Crocs...yuck! So, like high-waisted denim, leave it alone.


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