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'Tis the season for tights & leggings

One of my favorite parts of wintertime has got to be the fashion. Even though I live in sunny Southern California, I envy the rain and the snow in places like the Pacific Northwest and the East Coast--thinking of all of the bundled coats, scarves and boots that everyone's strutting around their city streets. 
In addition to this winter-wear is one of my favorite trends this season: tights + leggings. There's just nothing like the chic, chic look of a textured or colored pair of tights, with some good high heels, too. Tights always give my favorite heels that extra oomph of style, that extra flair that I need on any given dreary winter day. And no doubt, I get compliments galore when I pick out a good pair of each. My go-to tights are made by HUE: like these mesh dot tights, cute honeycombs, artistic-inspired Geo Swirl tights, their classic Lacey Nets, or even these multi-color Polka Dot opaque ones. Coupled with a great neutral pump, black peep-toe, or even a colored suede he…