A new me, a new you!

So it's t-minus 36 hours until the clock strikes the year 2011: can you even believe it? 2010 has been an amazing year for this little miss thang--especially because it was the year that the good ol' Holly in Heels blog began! Time sure flies when you're havin' fun (and shoe shopping along the way, of course!). Now it's time to ring in another New Year, alongside good friends, bubbly champagne, and Ryan Seacrest on TV. And all of this hoo-haw calls for a great outfit, and one darned good pair o' kicks! Here's a couple'a ideas from my short list of New Year's Eve favorites...

As if the Trump Family doesn't have enough fame & fortune already, Miss Ivanka Trump had to come out with a new line of shoes (you're HIRED!). Ivanka Trump's 'Pinki' glitter-girl heel is as shiny as the Trump Tower (and not nearly as expensive!). Sure to bring sparkle to your step on NYE, this sassy 4-inch pump has an indestructible synthetic outsole, making this $125 purchase well worth it!

If it's a shadowy lady look you're goin' for during the last few hours of 2010, then you'll no doubt wanna throw on Calvin Klein's 'Patrish' peep-toe ankle boot. Also a 4-inch heel, and 100% leather, you can wear these suckers now with tights, and then take them all the way into spring 2011 when the time rolls around!

...and of course I can't leave this sweet lil' post without mentioning my New Year's Resolution list! Here's what's (hopefully) in store for Holly in Heels:

• Write more letters

• Dream more

• Stop over-committing, and take more time to stop & smell the flowers

• Discover more new music

• Try eyelash extensions

• Practice the piano

• Take a notebook with me wherever I go

• Launch a new blog-look (check!)

• Have a killer high-heel giveaway on Holly in Heels (stay tuned!)

Ummmm, so the last two items (guess what): I already did! Yep, you guessed it (and hopefully you've noticed by now...or I'd say put it on your resolutions list to have those peepers checked), I launched A BRAND NEW BLOG LOOK, thanks to the lovely Kyla Roma of Freckled Nest Design! I'm so so so so excited about the new look of my blog, and even more stoked to announce my next giveaway (it's gunna be amaaay-zing, so stay tuned!). Go ahead and click around on the new pages and tabs and links on my blog--even paste the new html badge on your own site!

So here's to a New Year, and a new you! And do tell:
what are some of your New Year's resolutions?

holly in heels


Christmas shoes

Does anyone remember that song "The Christmas Shoes"? Ummm, yeah I do, and albeit sappy, it will still go down in the history books as the only song on the radio to ever make me cry! That's right, you heard it here first, folks--I cried like an onion peeler at that song when I heard it play on my local country station. But can you blame me?! Any song about Christmas + Jesus + cancer is bound to be a tear-jerker.

Well, on a much happier Christmas-shoe note (and something that would only make me cry tears of JOY!): I think I found the perfect Christmas shoe. It's the Kate Spade 'Darla' heel--wrapped in 100% cheery Christmas suede and finished off with a bow! The shiny red patent 3 1/2" heel & buckled strap will only put even more of a shine in your Christmastime step, and take you into 2011 with pizazz. I know, I know, you might spend half of your Christmas moolah on these suckers, but you can't put a price on good style, right? ...and you certainly can't put a price on great Christmas shoes!

Ho ho ho...only a few more shopping days left!

holly in heels


Grinchy Green

Sooooo it's almost Christmastime. The holidays are so often full of what most call hustle & bustle...but I'm choosing not to get sucked into that mall-madness mess and am doing most of my Santa Claus shopping from the comfort of my own home--in my pj's, next to my fragrant Christmas tree (it's red-themed this year & beautiful!). And for some reason during this festive shopping season, I keep comin' back to GREEN shoes & garb this year. You think it's The Grinch in me, or what?

Well, Dr. Suess character or not, Enzo Angiolini created this fabulous platform pump especially for Norstrom (exclusive, that's right!), and it's to die for. The 'Sully' peep-toe pump is a true sugarplum dream. It's got that comfort-fit that Enzo is known for, but stands at a striking 4 1/2-inches, with 1-inch platform (comparable to a 3 1/2-inch heel). The richly-colored dark olive suede gives it that classic & timeless look that is holiday party-ready!

Another mean, green style-machine heel I've spotted all over the scene this season is the Sam Edelman 'Novato' pump. In my favorite shade of army green, it's one slingback platform pump that you don't wanna go without! 5-inches of greeny-goodness, you can find the 'Novato' pump in six different shades on Piperlime.com--and at an amazing $100 price tag!

So whatever holiday mischief you get yourself into this season, don't forget to stop...take deep breaths...and think about the fabulous shoes that just might end up in your stocking (if you're good)!

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Kate, you're great.

My Monday morning question to you (don't worry, it's not rocket science for your weekend-er brain): why is Kate so stinkin' great?! I'm talkin' Kate Spade here, little ladies--God bless 'er. There is something so spiffy & classic about what Ms. Spade stocks the shelves with, it just steals my heart away! Lately, I've been smitten with these two very basic, but oh-so-pretty black pumps. Perfect for winter, and might just fit nicely into my Christmas stocking!

The 'Halle' pump (close enough to my namesake itself) is perfectly patent and back by popular Kate Spade-ish demand! It's simply the must-have for any fashionista who's hittin' the holiday shopping malls or sipping on Christmas cocktails this season. I personally adore the 3.5" wedge heel that makes this pump a dream to dash around in.

Or spread a little polka-dotted Santa baby cheer with this 'Karolina' suede-made pump. Sophisticated from top to bottom, Kate Spade has styled this uber-posh pump with a patent leather heel that'll shine in the winter sun or snow. Gorgeous!

So are you convinced yet?!...Kate, you're great.

holly in heels