Summer of sandals.

It's no secret that I miss heels. Sure, sure, being pregnant has plenty of perks (getting waited on hand-n-foot, traffic stopping belly, excuse to eat a lotta ice cream), but a few drawbacks too...especially when you've got a case of the swells. Hellooooo, summertime baby! So when I temporarily gave up heels a few months ago, I swallowed my pride and invested in a few pairs of sandals from both Target and Nordstrom.

Out of all of the sandals I've slipped these mama-to-be feet into this summer, I have to say that the most versatile and stylish pair of sandals is the Mossimo 'Lena' Metal Toe Flip Flop from Target, in black. A great padded sole, double straps around the foot, and a chic gold finish at the toe, and the $17 price is just right. I dig!

And if I had a few more months of this baby-carrying thang, I think I might be tempted to purchase the turquoise, pink and metallic gold colors, too! Look how gorge!

So whether it's for pregnancy comfort, or just plain flip-flop love for this summer of sandals, these Target flips are worth every penny (and then some!).

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Purchase with purpose: iSanctuary

Earlier this week, I covered a new fashion find of mine, a jewelry designer with a sustainable cause. It's all the rage right now (TOMS shoes, Krochet Kids, the list goes on...), and low and behold, I found a NEW fave to add to the list: iSanctuary. iSanctuary employs young women rescued from human trafficking, in both India and the United States, through the production and sale of this amazing jewelry--a powerful healing experience for these human trafficking survivors. How amazing would it be to recover from such a tragedy in the form of creating something beautiful + new? I'm all for this cause...and I have a feeling you are too.  
Read more about International Sanctuary here.

And man oh man does this company have some gorgeous and original designs! Check out their most recent Spring/Summer line, and beautiful Artisan line, too. I recently snagged the classic 'Ring of Gold' bracelet from iSanctuary, and I have to say I absolutely adore it. The gold is so bright and fresh, but I love how matte it is in color. Perfect for these summer days, stacking with other bracelets too!

So now it's your turn: hop on over to iSanctuary's website and pick out your own beautiful jewels, and support one amazing survivor of human trafficking. You can also get involved now in supporting iSanctuary by hosting an Awareness Event, hosting a trunk show, volunteering with them, and more.

Follow @iSanctuary on Twitter, Follow their stylish and inspiring boards on Pinterest, and become a fan of iSanctuary on Facebook

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For the modern gentleman.

Well folks, one of my fave men's shoe designers, Bull + Tassel, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign for their awesome fashion project, and I just had to share with all of you fashion-conscious fans. There are some great rewards to offer for all who participate and pledge!: 

+ Current & future shoe designs for a discounted rate.
+ Future products such as nylon wristbands, swim trunks and driving gloves.
+ Shoes for the ladies!
+ A chance to design and name your own shoe, donate the proceeds to a charity and of course own the bragging rights to it.
So check out the project, SHARE on Facebook and Twitter, and please consider supporting not only the making of shoes but the crafting of an entire fashion line. Head over to Kickstarter today!
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Be adorned: Color by Amber

I love jewelry. I have always kept the drawers in the mirrored make-up vanity in my bedroom fully stocked (most of the time overflowing!) with bracelets, bangles, bib necklaces, rings, baubles...the list goes on. I figure when I'm in a 'jeans and tee' kinda mood, I can always spice up an outfit on the fly with cute shoes and sweet jewels. But when jewelry has a cause behind it, I get even more stoked (and feel less guilt, honestly!). You too, right?!

Well let me introduce you to Color by Amber--the makers of some beautiful jewelry made from sustainable materials, which supporting artisan communities worldwide! By wearing any of the Color by Amber pieces, you're wearing 40% pure recycled eco-resin jewels, helping to renew and nurture our fragile planet that sustains us all! Read more about the cause, as well as partnerships with Nepal and Senegal online here. Very cool.

There are tons of collections that Color by Amber has for sale online now, but here are a few of my picks--the colorful links collection and the gorgeously textured grass collection:

Don't you just LOVE? 
Check out Color by Amber on Facebook, on Twitter, and follow their pretty Pinterest board, too. Oh, and of course support their cause and snag some jewels online now!

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Zara strappy sandal style

Zara is one of those beloved but often overlooked stores/brands that I keep circling back to these days. The store's sassy Euro style knocks it out of the park every time for me - stylish wedges, on-trend sandals, heels, and more. And when Zara has a sale...oh man, oh man, you know where to find me! So I thought I'd shed a little light on the sale subject this week and share with you a few of my fave Zara strappy sandals - now ON CLEARANCE online and in-store:

The 'Combination Heel' from Zara is beautifully, and stylishly color-blocked, with a hearty buckle and squared off toe to finish. These wedge sandals would go seamlessly with a breezy tank and some boyfriend denim - or even a summer dress in just the right shade. At $29, who could go wrong?!

I totally love these 'Studded Strappy Sandals' - their neutral color goes with literally anything in your summer (or spring!) closet, and the 4" heel is just the right height! Your go-to heel with that summer little black dress or the July/August wedding where you want to impress. Great price, great heel! Thank you, Zara.

Check out the full selection of Zara sandals here - and snag those styles before this hot, hot summer is over!

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GUEST POST: Brown is the New Black

A little guest post love + a male fashion perspective from my new blogger friend, Scott Wicken of sigtweedandcorduroy.com! Enjoy:

While it certainly is never prudent to go against a Sicilian when death is on the line, it is imperative to listen to an Italian when it comes to things style-related.  To wit, some excellent advice from designer Domenicio Vacca on the merits of the brown shoe:
"Many Americans have this idea that if you put on a dress shoe, it has to be black. But Italians—and I myself, especially—very rarely wear black shoes, except for very formal occasions like weddings and funerals. I’m almost always in brown shoes, because they just work with everything.  The beauty of brown shoes is that all the different shades let you communicate something about your personality—you tell the world you have a sense of play and character just by putting something on your feet."
I, too, am a firm believer that black shoes should only be reserved for tuxedos, funerals, and the occasional formal charcoal suit.  I have always tried to champion the cause of brown shoes in both formal and informal dressing.  Infinitely more versatile and interesting, brown not only gives you options in terms of shades of color, it also gives you the chance to develop the shoe’s character.  If well maintained, the patina that develops over the course of years only adds depth and personality; it becomes a distinct and visual representation of your ownership. 

Given we live and work in a world where dress codes are increasingly murky, it makes perfect sense for the well-dressed gentleman to invest in a supremely versatile shoe, and there is no finer, more versatile shoe than a perfect brown wingtip.  This wardrobe workhorse can pair with everything from your navy power suit to your favorite pair of jeans and a V-neck sweater.  Chinos and a navy blazer?  You bet. Dressed up or dressed down, a brown wingtip always works; it’s the Swiss Army knife of your shoe rotation.  Lighter shades of brown like cognac, while inherently more casual, become a great way to add a bolder, more European touch to an otherwise classic navy or gray suit or.  “But wait, I should even wear brown shoes with my gray suits?” you’re no doubt wondering, “...but don’t the rules say black shoes with gray suits?”  Not any more, good sir, not anymore.  Brown shoes with anything and everything.

Shopping-wise, a great brown shoe can be found at nearly any price point.  Here are a few of my favorites, all are tremendously versatile and work with a variety of wardrobe items.

The Gold Standard:
Allen Edmonds McCallister

Additional Essentials:
The Bass Weejun Penny Loafer

So gents, invest in your brown shoes, pair with confidence, and bring your sartorial game up a new level...do as the Italians do.

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